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Made To Measure


There are hardly any curtains that are ready-made that fit perfectly in windows and at the same time, blend well with the other fixtures in the house or office. Made to measure curtains from a quality supplier is the solution when you want excellence in your home decoration. Only a professional curtains provider can deliver perfect curtains that meet all your requirements and exacting specifications.      

Our Made to Measure Curtains

Prestige Window Dressing Company is a professional provider of made to measure curtains for your residential and commercial needs. We have been creating elegant, stylish and highly functional curtains for 10 years. Our made to measure curtains are processed with perfect measurement and expert craftsmanship. We cater to your special personalised styles and preferences. We let you choose the fabric, colours, patterns, and lining with the guidance and advice from our experts. You can go for a unique design to match those of other accessories in your house as well as unique headings and linings. All these features can be made available for whatever size of the room you have and any irregularly-sized windows.  

The beauty of our curtains complements their functionality. We have the appropriate linings for your particular needs. There are linings if you are a light sleeper, when you prefer a gentle room glow and when you want the right warmth in winter and coolness in summer.

Our costs are reasonable and are determined by various factors such as the size of your area, fabric materials, the complexity of the design like pleated type and all your other requirements and preferences. Our average delivery time is three to four weeks but we also accept express service that lets us complete your curtains in two weeks.           

Prestige Windows Dressing UK stands for corporate social responsibility. When we focus on caring about our planet, we become creative and resourceful. This has inspired us to source, offer, and distribute our green and eco-friendly collection of curtains.

Our eco curtains are processed and manufactured in an environmental-friendly facility where we promote sustainable procedures and guidelines, reduce waste, use green products and materials, and practice recycling whenever possible.

Below are the 2 primary materials from which our eco curtains are made of.

made to measure curtains
made to measure curtains
made to measure curtains
made to measure curtains

Prestige Eco Curtains

We are more than just a supplier of high-quality curtains. We innovate to be able to make a difference. We are proud to offer our eco curtains. More than just gorgeous and functional, they are eco-friendly. They use green materials such as recycled polyester and recycled cotton in the manufacturing process. They leave less carbon footprints compared to regular curtain materials that use virgin materials. By using Prestige eco made to measure curtains, you are able to do your fair share of saving the environment by using green sustainable materials.

Call us for a free consultation and quote on your made to measure curtains. Our friendly curtain experts will be glad to visit and discuss this with you.




Prestige Windows Dressing UK offers a wide selection of  curtains made from environmental-friendly materials and fabrics. For wiser, more practical, and more sustainable choice, opt for eco-friendly curtains and make a difference.

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