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Children Curtains

Your child’s room is one of the rooms in your house you want to provide the best features and amenities. You ensure the furniture and other fixtures are well suited for the child and the room is cozy and comfortable.

Curtains make a big difference in a child’s room. With the right children curtains, you get all the functionalities curtains should provide and the comfort your child deserves. Like standard room curtains, children curtains should allow good ventilation that lets fresh air circulation, control the right amount of lighting and insulate the room from either the cold or hot outdoor environment.

Moreover, they should be so designed to suit a child’s room – full of exciting and fun colours and images your child will enjoy at any time of the day. Using eco children curtains from Prestige Window Dressing for your child’s room will be even more beneficial.

Benefits of Eco Curtains

Eco curtains are green and eco-friendly curtains manufactured using environmentally friendly materials and processes. These curtains are usually made from natural fibers including cotton, linen, hemp, wool, silk, and bamboo. They do not use artificial dyes and chemicals harmful to the environment. Being green, they do not leave too much carbon footprint, unlike regular curtains. 

At Prestige Window Dressing, two of the most common materials we use for our children curtains are recycled polyester from used polyethylene plastic bottles and recycled cotton. 

By using our eco curtains that are produced from an environmentally-friendly facility that promotes sustainable procedures and guidelines through waste reduction, practice recycling, and use green products and materials, you contribute greatly to saving the earth for our children and future generations.

children curtains
children curtains
children curtains

Our Collection of Children Curtains

You will find our eco children curtains perfect for your child’s room. They will provide the necessary daylight control and thermal control as well as the privacy your child needs. More than this, our curtains come in a wide variety of designs your child will enjoy. We have curtains ranging from simple pastel colours to gorgeous brightly-coloured designs consisting of various shapes, animal figures, toys, Disney characters, the alphabet, and many, many more, all created to bring fun and uplift your child’s spirit.

You have the option for a blackout lining for your child’s undisturbed sleep, thermal lining for warmth and comfort whether in the winter or summer, or light filtering for a nice gentle glow.  

With Prestige Window Dressing eco curtains, you can have all the necessary benefits children curtains should give provide your child, and even more. You can go green, a significant environmental effort for the sake of our children’s future.