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Eco Curtains

Window curtains are more than just home decorations. They play a vital role in completing the interior design of your home. And while there are so many window curtains to choose from in terms of materials, designs, colours, and sizes, it is always a wiser decision to choose curtains that are sustainable, eco-friendly, and safe to the environment.

Introducing Eco Curtains

Eco curtains (or eco-friendly curtains) are curtains made with fabric types that are environmental friendly and don’t leave too much carbon footprint. They are often made from natural fabrics, including cotton, linen, hemp, wool, silk, and bamboo. Additionally, they are not made with artificial dyes containing chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

Prestige Windows Dressing UK stands for corporate social responsibility. When we focus on caring about our planet, we become creative and resourceful. This has inspired us to source, offer, and distribute our green and eco-friendly collection of curtains.

Our eco curtains are processed and manufactured in an environmental-friendly facility where we promote sustainable procedures and guidelines, reduce waste, use green products and materials, and practice recycling whenever possible.

Below are the 2 primary materials from which our eco curtains are made of.

Recycled Polyester

Recycled Cotton

Plastic bottles are made of polyethylene (PET). Recycled PET bottles are sterilized, dried, and crushed to be transformed into huge bundles of plastic chips. The chips are then heated and passed through a spinneret to form strings of yarn. Through machine processing, the yarn is baled, dyed, and knitted to become a polyester fabric to be used in creating eco curtains.

The other type of eco curtains is made from recycled cotton. The clothing industry produces an enormous volume of cotton year after year, and a huge percentage of are considered waste. For instance, leftover cotton from cutting out patterns are simply thrown away. This cotton waste is also a perfect material for making green and eco-friendly window curtains.

eco curtains
eco curtains
eco curtains
eco curtains

How We Process Our Eco Curtains

At Prestige Windows Dressing UK, we use the BLOM fabric in making practical, sustainable, and eco friendly curtains. The BLOM fabric is printed using water-saving technology that uses 80% less water.

Below is the step-by-step process on how we create custom orders for eco curtains. Let’s take for example, the order we created and delivered for Mrs. Smith.


1. The process starts when the order comes in to the curtain factory. The system will calculate with great precision how much fabric will be needed for Mrs. Smith’s curtains.

2. Our planners subsequently put the order on the schedule at the cutting department and for the workshop where the curtains are actually made. This way, we make sure Mrs. Smith’s curtains are delivered within the 2 weeks we promised her.

3. Beep. The order comes in at the cutting department. The fabric selected is meticulously cut by hand for Mrs. Smith. It is cut to exactly the right width, to the centimetre. The resulting length is subsequently transported to the workshop on a cart.

4. The cart carrying Mrs. Smith’s curtain fabric rolls into the workshop. First of all, the side hems are sewn into the curtains for Mrs. Smith. This is where our craftsmanship comes in.

5. Once the hems are done, the curtain is hung on a tall rack, upside down! First the curtain is dry cleaned to make sure it hangs straight. Next, the cutrain is cut to the right length. Again, this is done with great precision to make sure it is accurate to the centimetre.

6. The pleat band is sewn along the top edge of the curtain. This will create a lovely pleat later.

7. Mrs. Smith’s curtains move on to the next station. This is where the corners and weights are applied to make sure the curtains will hand beautifully in Mrs. Smith’s living room.

8. After that, the label with washing instructions and, of course, our brand label, are attached to the curtains. 

Why Choose Eco Curtains for Your Home?

Eco curtains are pretty, practical, and sustainable. They are made from recycled materials and are printed with environmental-friendly dyes. Our eco curtains are made with value-added fabric that are both great for insulating and darkening any room. This means that our curtains are designed to keep both the cold and the heat out, ideal for rooms that are exposed to sunlight. This makes eco curtains not only eco-friendly, but energy saving, too.

Sustainability is vital in everything we do and use. In fact, we’re utilizing a new, innovative printing machine that uses eco friendly dyes. It is designed with a print head that makes use of an adhesive, enabling the ink to directly bond with the dry cloth. This highly specialized technology skips pre- and post-treatment of fabric, which contributes to saving up to 80% of water. 

Prestige Windows Dressing UK offers a wide selection of eco curtains made from environmental-friendly materials and fabrics. For wiser, more practical, and more sustainable choice, opt for eco-friendly curtains and make a difference.

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