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Made To Measure Pleated Blinds

Give your bare windows a modern elegant look by installing sleek pleated blinds. These accordion-style blinds are shades fabricated from pleated fabrics that pull up to open until it sits flat at the top of a window. They add texture to a room and depth and dimension to windows, giving it a clean, smooth look. They offer privacy and energy-efficient light control.  

Have a professional blinds service company install your pleated blinds for a perfect snug fit and your choice of style.

Our Made to Measure Pleated Blinds

With Prestige Window Dressing, you can have your preferences for your pleated blinds fully satisfied. We are a professional window dressing company with 10 years experience in the design and installation of curtains and blinds, with pleated blinds being one of them. We have had the pleasure of serving hundreds of homeowners for their shading needs.


Our pleated blinds are made to measure. We guarantee to provide you with customised pleated blinds for any window, standard-sized or otherwise, with your personalised choice of design. We have dozens of pleated blinds designs and features you can choose from. From simple pastel-colours to modern intricate designs and anything in between, we have them. They all bear the high-quality and expert craftsmanship we are known for.

When you call us for your blinds installation, our skilled personnel will make a precise measurement of your windows and fabricate the right blinds according to your requirements and preferences. We can install your blinds top-fixed or inside your windows’ recessed area or face-fixed, which is installed outside the recess, fully covering your window area.          


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Sofa and a plant

Enhance the overall look of your home or office with our made to measure pleated blinds. Made from high quality materials and showcasing top notch craftsmanship, our blinds perfectly fit any size and style of windows. If you are ready to give your room a face lift, call us now for a free estimate and let’s discuss your requirements for our made to measure pleated blinds.

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